Oxford Gun Club Covid -19 Policy

The Board of Directors of OGC has been working for the past several weeks to open your club. The following policy is designed to comply with established CDC and PA State guidelines in an effort to keep shooters and staff safe. The policy will be strictly enforced. If you fail to follow the policy, you will be asked to leave the property.

Please be respectful of all shooters and staff at this difficult time. We are doing all we can to make your time at OGC enjoyable and are excited to be able to open back up.


  1. If you are sick, stay home.
  2. Only shooters and staff will be allowed on the premises; no spectators.
  3. Masks are required when interacting with club staff. You are encouraged to wear some sort of face covering at all other times.
  4. Social distancing (minimum of 6 feet between people) is mandatory. After shooting you must leave the grounds. We hope to return to the social nature of the club soon, but at this time, the size of gatherings will be monitored and enforced.
  5. Purchase targets at the designated location.
  6. Everyone must sign a waiver to shoot. This is a new document that will be kept on file at the club.
  7. Enter the clubhouse only to use the restroom. There is a one in, one out policy in the clubhouse. The chairs and tables are off-limits.
  8. If the kitchen is open it will be for take-out only. Orders can be placed at the clubhouse window.
  9. No more than five (5) people on a skeet, trap, wobble, or five-stand field or sporting clay station at a time. No entering any trap house for any reason. OGC staff will load the traps.
  10. One person per golf cart/UTV unless the riders share a residence. Use of vehicles is limited to those with physical disabilities.
  11. The club is not providing hand sanitizer, masks, or gloves. Any worn items must be disposed of in the trash or taken home.
  12. No eye or ear protection will be supplied by the club. You must supply your own. Eye and ear protection is mandatory when shooting.
  13. Pick up your hulls and any trash and place in the trash container. All shooters should police each other so that hulls are only touched by those who shoot them.
  14. If you participate in activities at OGC you do so with the full understanding of any risks involved.